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    Paya Exchange Desktop

    Topics on Paya Exchange Desktop

    Error: System.ArgumentException: Font 'Verdana' does not support style 'Regular'

    How to Resolve an Invalid Date Error Message when using a Valid Expiration Date through the Sage Exchange Desktop

    I am in a Citrix Environment and the Paya Exchange Desktop Application re-installs every time I log in

    How to fix the Sage Exchange Desktop error message "Unable to Register"

    The Swipe Card button in Sage Exchange Desktop is disabled

    How to Contact Superior Payments for help with their QuickBooks Plug-in

    ERROR: Microsoft .NET Framework: Unhandled exception has occurred in your application... hexadecimal value 0x00...

    Fixing Paya Connect Desktop 2.0 Installation and Updates

    Installing Sage Exchange Desktop through a Proxy Server

    Error: 0x800713ec - Asia when Installing Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0

    Locations of the Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0 Directory in Windows

    Sage Exchange Desktop Error Message, "the publisher of the file cannot be verified"

    How to Disable the Swipe Card option in Sage Exchange Desktop

    Macintosh Compatibility with Sage Exchange Desktop

    Why can't I launch Sage Exchange Desktop after it is installed?

    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) 1.X Sunset

    Error: 0x80070002

    Versions of Windows that Sage Exchange Desktop is Compatible with

    How do I Disable the Reminder to Upgrade to Sage Exchange Desktop v2?

    Listening Service Startup Result 5 Message in the Trace Log through the Sage Exchange Desktop

    How to Confirm that Sage Exchange Desktop is Installed on my Computer

    How do I know if I have a MagTek Reader?

    Integrated Software Products - Detecting SED and SDK

    Can I process EMV (chip) payments through Sage100?

    Error: There is a problem accessing credit card information with your Paya account

    Decline Code: 14 (000014)

    Error: There was an error connecting to Sage 50

    Paya Exchange Desktop (formerly Sage Exchange Desktop) release notes for

    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) FAQ

    How do I Configure AVS and CVV prompts on the SRED Key Device?

    Direct installation links for Module SDK

    Error: "Remote Data Access"

    Definition of Module SDK

    How to allow Sage Exchange through the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software

    Error: Application cannot be started in Sage Exchange Desktop

    How to View a Trace Log in Sage Exchange Desktop.

    Paya Connect Desktop: .Net Framework Required

    Sage North America Software Products that Integrate with Paya

    "There was a problem connecting to Sage50" Error Message when Enabling the Sage 50 Plugin in Sage Exchange Desktop

    What Swipers are Supported by Sage Exchange Desktop?

    Does Sage50 send Bank Order Confirmation E-mails to my Customer's Automatically?

    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) Application Continuously Declines Swiped Credit Cards

    Swiped Transactions Declined when Processing in Sage Software

    Installing Sage Exchange Desktop

    Guide: Understanding e-Invoice

    Important Information about the Sage Exchange Desktop Update (

    Sage Exchange Desktop Error Message "Unable to Start Communication Service"

    System Requirements to Run Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0

    Error: Unhandled Exception, Unexpected XML Declaration

    Sage Exchange Desktop New Version Available

    Why can't I process a payment in DacEasy after upgrading to Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0?

    How can I check which Version of Sage Exchange Desktop I am using?

    Error: Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded

    Error: “Sage Exchange Upgrade Available...”

    I am having issues with Sage Exchange desktop on my Harbor Cloud Server

    Error: The Underlying Connection was Closed: Could not Establish Trust Relationship for the SSL/TLS Secure Channel

    Can I configure e-Invoice for multiple companies in my Sage Software?

    Sage Exchange Desktop 1.0 un-installation

    Sage Exchange Desktop is now Paya Connect Desktop

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