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    How to Confirm that Sage Exchange Desktop is Installed on my Computer


    Sage Exchange Desktop


    How can I confirm if Sage Exchange is installed on my computer?


    First, check the program list under the Control Panel and look for Sage Exchange. 

    Using Windows 7

    1. Click the Windows Start button

    2. Select Control Panel on the right side

    3. Select Programs

    4. Select Programs and Features

    Using Windows 10

    1. Click or Tap the Windows icon in the lower left hand corner

    2. In the "Search" bar, type Sage Exchange Desktop

    3. It should appear under Apps

    Next, verify if Sage Exchange is running in Windows Task Manager within the Processes tab and look for SageExchange. For Windows 7, right-click on the Task Bar and then click on Start Task Manager and then click on the Processes tab:


    In Windows 10, SageExchange will appear under Background Processes within the Task Manager.

    You can also verify that Sage Exchange is running by locating the System Tray, which is on the lower right hand side of the screen next to the clock.


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