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    What Swipers are Supported by Sage Exchange Desktop?


    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED)


    Paya will regularly make changes to the list of SED-supported devices as PCI Compliance regulations change. 


    Please check SED under the settings menu for the most current list of compatible devices.

    The Sage Exchange Desktop is compatible with the following devices:

    Non-EMV Hardware:

    • IDTech SecureMag
    • Magtek DynaMag/DynaPad
    • Magtek Centurion (Paya Encrypted)
      • SED will no longer support unencrypted solutions due to PCI compliance regulations

    EMV Hardware:

    • Equinox L5300
    • Ingenico iPP320 (Paya encrypted OS must be installed)
    • Ingenico iPP320 (Moneris Encrypted OS for Canada only)

    P2Pe Hardware:

    To use a specific swiper type you will need to enable that swiper type in Sage Exchange Desktops under the settings menu.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please open a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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