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    Can I configure e-Invoice for multiple companies in my Sage Software?


    Payment Center, Paya Exchange Management System


    Can I configure e-Invoice for multiple companies in my Sage Software?


    It is possible to configure e-Invoice for multiple companies, but each company will require two things. 

    1. A unique installation of Sage Exchange Desktop (SED). This means that e-Invoice for two different companies will have to be configured on two different workstations, each with its own installation of SED. Once the initial configuration is complete, multiple users on multiple workstations will be able to take advantage of the e-Invoice service.
    2. A unique instance of Paya Exchange Management System (PEMS). If you log into PEMS and you are able to review the merchant details for two or more of your companies; please contact Support so we can separate those companies into two separate instances of PEMS. Please note that a unique email address is needed for each instance of PEMS.

    Follow this guide to configure e-Invoice: e-Invoice Set Up Guide for Sage 50 US 2017

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