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    Limiting User Access to the Banking Section within the Payment Center


    Payment Center - Banking


    How do I restrict user access to the banking section of the Payment Center?


    The banking portion of the Payment Center is tied to a particular Paya Exchange Portal login. The credentials used to access the Payment Center will display exclusively based on what has been configured in the banking center for the user to whom these credentials belong.

    If a primary user shares his or her login information across roles or users, all of those users and roles will see what was configured for that primary user. This means, if the primary user has access to Banking Center, so will the additional users.

    The best way to segment access to the banking section is to create a separate login for each user in Sageexchange.com. And each newly created user should be used to access the Payment Center for the appropriate role and privileges. You can create as many users as you need.

    Please refer to the user management section of the following article for assistance with creating users in the Paya Exchange Portal.

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