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    Maintenance and Service Interruption Alerts

    Sage Mobile Payments Password Reset

    10/17/2019 - Present

    10/18: 10:00 am EDT -Our mobile vendor is working to address an issue that is preventing some of our Sage Mobile Payments (SMP) customers from being able to reset their passwords. Impacted users find that when they go through the password reset process and get to the step where they are prompted to select a new password, the entire page is greyed over and they cannot input any information.

    We are working closely with our vendor to restore the password reset process to normal as quickly as possible. In the meantime, impacted users can contact our Support team if they need a password to be reset.

    Chat Support Window Not Launching From

    10/14 08:34 am EDT -A fix for this behavior was deployed on the evening of Friday, 10/11/2019. Chat service is functioning normally as of this morning.

    10/11 03:10 pm EDT -Our chat vendor has identified the cause of this behavior and is working towards a fix. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

    10/10 12:20 pm EDT -Customers initiating a chat with our Support team from https://paya.com/support/client/#chat are seeing that the chat window does not properly render. It appears in the top-right of display and only the bottom portion of the window is visible. This occurs on Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Internet Explorer functions normally. Our other chat links from sagepayments.net and sageexchange.com work normally. We are working with our chat service vendor to address this issue as quickly as possible. For now please call or email Support at 800-261-0240 or support@paya.com.

    Verifone Terminals: Multiple Issues on XEVA440 version P

    10/18 10:30 am EDT -Notice from our processing vendor:

    The following updates to the application will be available for download on October 22nd:

    • Preferred AID functionality will be disabled
    • Reversals functionality for the Cash Advance will be added
    • Receipt Font will be enhanced with darker ink
    • Store and Forward defaults so that it is easier to enable

    10/11 12:20 pm EDT -Notice from our processing vendor:

    1. Preferred AID method:  On October 18th, the preferred AID functionality will be disabled and the Debit and Credit prompts will be enabled on the terminal display. Merchants who have downloaded the XEVA440 Version P will need to perform a full download on both the terminal and the external pin pad to enable this change.   

    2. Purchase Return Authorizations/Response code 85: TSYS disabled PRA for the Verifone XEVA440 application on October 10th, 2019. By disabling PRA, this will resolve refunds with the Auth Response code of 85, that are not successfully capturing in the terminal's batch. Refunds will no longer go out for approval.  In order to pick up this change, impacted merchants will need to complete either a partial, full or EMA download. Communication will be sent once a new version of the application is available for PRA. 

    3. Reversals for the Cash Advance: For merchants using Cash Advance, it was identified that the transaction reversal functionality is not available. A production fix will be installed on October 18th, 2019. This will require at least a partial download to resolve. 

    4. Receipt Font:  The font on the receipts will be enhanced with darker ink color October 18th, 2019. This change can enabled through a partial download.  We are continuing to work with Verifone to increase the font size.

    10/09 09:40 am EDT -We have been notified by our processing vendor that a small number of Purchase Authorization Refund transactions are not successfully capturing and settling. This means those particular refund transactions are not being debited from our customers' accounts and returned to the cardholders' accounts as normal.

    We ask that our customers using a Verifone Vx520 terminal be diligent in checking their batches daily to ensure any refunds have been settled successfully. Again, the impact is extremely limited. If you come across an instance of a refund transaction not appearing in your settled batch, please contact Paya Support at 800-261-0240 or support@paya.com.

    We are working with our vendor to implement a fix for this issue as quickly as possible.

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