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    Maintenance and Service Interruption Alerts

    Transaction Processing Errors in Paya Exchange, Paya Exchange Virtual Desktop and Paya Connect Desktop
    08/19/2019 09:26 am - 10:16 am EDT

    08/20 10:55 am EDT -We have not received any further reports of this behavior since approximately 10:16 am EDT. We are continuing to monitor our systems closely for any new occurrences.

    08/19 11:10 am EDT -Our systems have stabilized and we have not seen any new occurrences of this behavior after 10:16 am EDT. We are continuing to closely monitor to ensure transaction processing is working as expected.

    08/19 10:10 am EDT -We have received reports of multiple customers receiving errors when processing transactions through our Paya Exchange, Paya Exchange Virtual Desktop and Paya Connect Desktop solutions. Some users are receiving a Processing Error message, some receive a 500 Error and some report Paya Connect Desktop appears to hang up, with the cursor icon getting stuck as a spinning wheel.

    The behavior is sporadic; not all transactions are impacted. Some of the impacted transactions may actually be authorized; please check your batch prior to settling this evening. Our IT teams are engaged and working to restore service to normal as quickly as possible.

    VIDEO: Batch Management in Paya Exchange

    Check 21 Images from Terminals are not Uploading over Dial-Up Connections

    08/15 02:15 pm EDT -We are going through testing of an updated traffic flow for our dial-up connections handling Check 21 Imaging. We are expecting to be able to complete testing and deploy at the end of next week, August 23.

    08/13 02:00 pm EDT -We are working with our dial-up partner to address an issue in which some of our Check 21 customers are not able to upload check images from their terminals to Paya Services over dial-up connections. This has occurred sporadically over the last several days. Customers using a Vx520 with an RDM are able to continue processing after a failed upload and can attempt the upload at a later time. Customers using a Synergy 2 will not be able to process until the images are successfully uploaded or deleted. We are working closely with our partner to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

    Processing transactions through Paya Connect Desktop resulting in errors
    08/06/2019 11:00 AM EDT -08/06/2019 01:55 PM EDT

    08/06 02:30 PM EDT -Paya has taken steps to correct the cause of the errors and is continuing to monitor for further errors.

    08/06 12:00 AM EDT -Customers are reporting errors when attempting to process transactions through integrations using Paya Connect Desktop. Paya is actively investigating this issue.

    July merchant statements not available in My Virtual Reports
    08/05/2019 - 08/06/2019

    08/06 02:00 PM EDT -July merchant statements should now be accessible in My Virtual Reports

    08/05 09:30 AM EDT -July merchant statements normally accessible in My Virtual Reports are not available.  We are working to make the statements available.

    Maintenance and Service Interruption Alerts archive 08-12-2019.pdf

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