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    Maintenance and Service Interruption Alerts

    Payment Center and eInvoice Sporadic Connectivity


    05/22 10:00 am EDT -Paya and Sage are investigating an issue in which users are not able to log in to Payment Center either through a browser or through their Sage software application. The Payment Center will accept user credentials but return a 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR instead of loading the user interface.

    In a few instances, customers attempting to pay an invoice emailed from Sage 50 are able to submit their payment, but will see a 504 Timout error instead of the expected payment confirmation. In each of these instances identified, the payment was processed successfully and the invoice status updated in Sage 50. However, the cardholder may attempt to make the payment again due to receiving an error.

    We are working to identify the cause of these errors and restore service as quickly as possible.

    Connectivity Errors on sageexchange.com domain

    05/18 3:00 pm EDT - 05/19 1:30 pm EDT

    05/19 2:00 pm EDT -We implemented a fix for the customers that were still impacted by this issue at approximately 1:30 pm EDT.

    05/19 12:15 pm EDT -A few users report continuing to experience this behavior on 05/19. Paya is working with our DNS vendor to identify the reason for this to still be impacting specific customers.

    05/18 6:50 pm EDT -A small number of customers began experiencing errors trying to resolve the sageexchange.com domain beginning at approximately 3:00 pm EDT. We've deployed an update to correct this behavior and expect those customers to be able to access our domain again shortly. Impacted customers may need to clear their browser cache and cookies and re-launch their browser to ensure a fresh connection.

    Certificate Expiring for Check/ACH Services on Verifone and Ingenico terminals


    On the evening of May 29th, we have an SSL certificate set to expire.

    Due to an acquisition of the old signing authority, we were forced to change over to a new root certificate. This process required working with the terminal manufacturers and testing before the solution could be rolled out. This certificate needs to be updated in the terminal to avoid or resolve processing issues.

    This affects only Verifone and Ingenico terminals that process check/ACH transactions over IP (not dial). Customers processing credit/debit cards and not check/ACH are not impacted by this certificate update.

    • Please contact Technical Support at 1-877-438-3249, and our agents can update the CommServer application within the terminal.
    • If updated prior to May 30, your processing should continue without any interruptions.
    • Beginning May 30, you may be unable to process transactions until the terminal update has been completed.

    Magento 1 Platform End of Life on June 30, 2020

    Magento has announced end of life for its Magento 1 platform after June 2020. Merchants using ecommerce and payment processing solutions on the Magento 1 platform may fall out of compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) after June 30, 2020. More information is available in this announcement:

    Magento 1 Platform End of Life.pdf

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