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    Important Information about the Sage Exchange Desktop Update (


    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED)


    Paya is releasing a quarterly update for SED on January 15th, 2018, below are some important information about that update.


    As of January 15th, 2018, Sage Exchange Desktop will be running on version as the most current version of the software. There are some important points to note about this installation:

    • This update can be skipped completely - This is important to organizations that have permissions on their user profiles, and for businesses that are running on older software that do not support SED 2.0. Please contact Paya if you are unsure of what version you should be running.
    • This installation of SED will require 2 installations - SED will have a silent Installation protocol available to Enterprise-Level Organizations. If you are interested in completing the silent installation in your organization, please reference How do I use Sage Exchange Desktop Silent Installer? The 2 installations will include an update for SED and an update to the Application Deployment to prepare your organization to deploy the silent installation if you choose to use it in the future.
    • To obtain the SED update prompt please follow the instructions below:
      • The user must exit SED and restart the program to receive the update prompt
      • If the app version is not up-to-date with the Production Version (1.0.11), you should receive a red box around the SED icon. If you do not see the red indicator, you will need to uninstall SED and reinstall from the new bootstrapper, which can be downloaded from www.sageexchange.com/install.  
    • Known issue (Updated as issues are found)
      • SED showing twice - After installation of SED, merchants may see duplicate instances of the program listed in the Windows Control Panel. This will not affect the functionality of SED or any connection to the desktop solution. The issue has been noted with our Development Team and will be fixed in subsequent updates. 
      • Invalid T_Trackdata Error - Merchants that have been using unencrypted (clear text) card readers through SED will no longer be able to use those readers as an integrated solution. The most cost-effective solutions for any SED integration is the Magtek Centurion. Please contact Customer Support to discuss options for encrypted solutions. 

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.  

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