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    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) Application Continuously Declines Swiped Credit Cards

    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) application continuously declines swiped credit cards


    Why are all swiped transactions being declined in my Sage software application? 


    In order to view the declined credit card you will have to sign in to your Virtual Terminal:

    1. Log in to your Virtual Terminal
    2. Within the Reporting tab, go to Transaction Activity and select either Today’s Activity, Past 7 Days, or Past 30 Days. The truncated card number on the declined swiped transactions will have the first four card numbers followed by a set of "0"s. If they are all consistent in this format, you will need to activate the card reader from your Sage Exchange application.

    Note: If you log in through Sage Exchange, go to the Reports tab, click on the magnifying glass, under the Settlement Status and click on the drop-down and select 'Error/Declined'.

    To enable the card reader on the Sage Exchange Desktop application, please follow these steps:

    1. Right-click on the SED Application located at the bottom right of your monitor in the system tray. 
    2. Click Settings and then select the proper swipe device, then click OK
    3. Sage Exchange Desktop will inform you that it needs to restart. Click OK to restart.
    4. Retry your swiped transaction. 

    If you are still having difficulties with the swipe device, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

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