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    How do I Configure AVS and CVV prompts on the SRED Key Device?


    SRED Key device


    With the SRED Key device connected to a USB port, the display will read, "Swipe Card or Key-in Card Number"

    Press the #Admin key

    The display will read "Select Manual Config 1-6:"

    Press the corresponding number key to make one of the following selections:

    1: Card Number/Expiration Date

    2: Card Number/Expiration Date/Zip Code

    3: Card Number/Expiration Date/Street Address Number/Zip Code

    4: Card Number/Expiration Date/Security Code/Zip Code

    5: Card Number/Expiration Date/Security Code/Street Address Number/Zip Code

    6: Card Number/Expiration Date/Security Code

    Press the Enter key

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