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    Terminals & Equipment

    Topics on Terminals & Equipment

    What is a Floor Limit?

    Error: Card Not Supported when attempting to process a debit card

    What programming features are available for my Vx520 (VeriFone) physical credit card machine?

    Can I set my Equinox terminal to require a password for particular transaction types?

    What is an Inventory Information Approval System? (IIAS)

    The serial number on the side of my Verifone Vx610 has been removed or is illegible. Where can I find it?

    How can I connect my Paya merchant account to Authorize.net?

    Why does my terminal display "Take Imprint of Card?"

    My Omni/VeriFone Vx terminal doesn't automatically batch/settle if there are transactions without tips. How can I make it ignore unadjusted and settle?

    If I receive a decline message on the terminal, is it possible to receive a voice authorization?

    User Guide: Verifone VX520

    I just received my replacement equipment. What should I do with the broken device?

    Why won't my Nurit print a customer copy of the receipt?

    Can my VeriFone Omni or VX terminal be set to display standard 12 hour civilian time instead of 24 hour military time?

    Error: Unknown EMV Status (BadSteporder)

    My internet is down and I have to switch my terminal to the phone line. How do I do this?

    What is the process for Wireless Activation?

    How do I process a refund on PIN debit?

    What is the phone number for Dialpay?

    Instructions on deleting an ICT terminal without installing a previous or new application

    Error: Batch Settlement Failed

    How do I change the Magtek Centurion (also known as Dynamag) swiper from HID mode to Keyboard Emulation Mode?

    How do I authenticate my physical terminal?

    How long are authorizations valid for?

    What is Paya's ARTEMIS™?

    Verifone Cloud Services is implementing Global Traffic Management (GTM)

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