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    How do I Authenticate my Physical Terminal?


    Class A Terminals


    How do I authenticate my physical terminal?


    Please contact Physical Support at 800-948-0985 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST/EDT. If unavailable, please contact our 24-hour Merchant Services line at 800-552-8227 to obtain or verify your authentication code. Then, follow the steps below per your manufacturer/device:

    On Update Application INGEMV4: 

    From the main screen (TSYS):

    1. Press the green (circle) button 
    2. From Admin Menu Screen, press #4 for Maintenance
    3. From the Maintenance Menu Screen, press #4 for Authenticate
    4. From the Authenticate Menu Screen, enter "SAGE123" by entering the following:
      1. Press #7 then press the 'F' Key 3 times to get (S)
      2. Press #2 then press the 'F' Key 1 time to get (A)
      3. Press #4 then press the 'F' Key 1 time to get (G)
      4. Press #3 then press the 'F' Key 2 times to get (E) 
      5. Press #1, #2, #3 consecutively, then press the green (circle) button to enter the authentication code
    5. From the 'Next Authenticate Screen', type the zip code and press the green (circle) button
    6. The terminal will attempt to connect via Dial-up or the IP and will print an 'Activated Receipt'

    On VeriFone Type Vx520 CTLS-3 (PIC & EMV)

    From the Main Sale Screen:

    1. Press Enter to go to the Configuration Menu
    2. Press the F2 key on side of the screen for Setup
    3. Enter Gen Password (1, Alpha, Alpha, 6, 6, 8, 3, 1,)  and press Enter
    4. From the Setup menu press the F2 key on the side of the screen for Authentication
    5. Enter Auth Code(SAGE123) on the keypad, just like texting using a number pad
      1. Press the number 7 key, then press the Alpha Button 3 times. This will change the #7 to the letter (S)
      2. Press the number 2 key, then press the Alpha Button 1 time. This will change the # 2 to the letter (A)
      3. Press the number 4 key, then press the Alpha Button 1 time. This will change the # 4 to the letter (G)
      4. Press the number 3 key, then press the Alpha Button 2 times. This will change the # 3 to the letter (E)
      5. Press # 1, 2, 3, and Enter
    6. The screen will prompt for a zip code, please enter your 5-digit zip code
    7. The screen will read Activated and will print a receipt
    8. After completion, you will be taken to the Main Sale Screen

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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