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    End-of-Life “EOL” Notifications: PCI v2.x terminals and IPP220 pin pads

    End-of-Life “EOL” Notifications: PCI v2.x terminals and IPP220 pin pads 


    Products may reach their End-of-Life “EOL” status for any number of reasons such as market demands, innovations in technology and development driving changes in the product, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology. Below, you will find details surrounding the EOL of each product affected at this time.

    EOL action is being taken against the following products due to the impending PCI-PTS V2 expiration on April 30, 2017. Customers/Business Partners are encouraged to migrate to the PCI-PTS V3 variants of the product. Listed below are the applicable part numbers associated with the EOL, as well as the V3 part numbers for migration.


    iCT220 & iCT250 Products

    V2 EOL Part #s:

    • iCT220-01P1218 - Generic US/Canada
    • iCT250-01P1100 - Generic US/Canada
    • iCT250-01P1930 - Generic
    • iCT250-01P1656 - Chase US


    V3 Migration Part #s:

    • iCT220-11P2196 - Generic US/Canada
    • iCT220-11P2372 - Generic US
    • iCT250-11P2198 - Generic US/Canada
    • iCT250-11P2713 - Chase US
    • iCT250-11P3095 - TD US


     iWL2XX Bluetooth & iWL255 GPRS Products

     V2 EOL Part #s:

    • iWL222-01P1705 - Generic US/Canada
    • iWL252-01P1706 - Generic US/Canada
    • iWL255-01P2070 - Generic US


    V3 Migration Part #s:

    • iWL222-01P2811 - Generic US/Canada
    • iWL252-01P2817 - Generic US/Canada
    • iWL252-01P3164 - TD US
    • iWL255-01P2816 - Generic US
    • iWL255-01P3166 - TD US


    Please note that any/all V2 iWL2xx-specific accessories (V2 terminal bases) are included as part of this EOL.


    iPP320 & iPP350 Products

     V2 EOL Part #s:

    • iPP320-01P1545 - Generic US/Canada
    • iPP320-01P1547 - Generic US/Canada
    • iPP350-01P1546 - Generic US/Canada
    • iPP350-01P1548 - Generic US/Canada 

    V3 Migration Part #s: 

    • iPP320-11P2391 - Generic US/Canada
    • iPP320-11P2639 - Generic US/Canada
    • iPP320-11P3286 - Generic US (PoE)
    • iPP350-11P1912 - Generic US/Canada
    • iPP350-11P1914 - Generic US/Canada


    iSMP320 & iSMP350 Products

     V2 EOL Part #: 

    • iMP350-01P1575 - US/Canada


    V4 Migration Part #s: 

    • iMP657-11P3554 (iSMP4) - US
    • iMP627-11P3556 (iSMP4) - US


    iPP220 Products

    EOL action is being taken on the iPP220 product line for two reasons: 

    1. Impending PCI-PTS V2 expiration on April 30, 2017.
    2. The iPP220 product is a pin pad-only device. It does not include an MSR or smart card reader. As North America continues with the adoption of EMV technology, pin pads with a smart card reader are required to meet market needs. Customers/Business Partners are encouraged to migrate to the PCI-PTS V3 iPP310.


    V2 & V3 EOL Part #s:

    • iPP220-01P1841 (V2) - Generic US
    • iPP220-01P1839 (V2) - Generic US
    • iPP220-01P2454 (V3) - Generic US
    • iPP220-01P2453 (V3) - Generic US


    V3 Migration Part #s: 

    • iPP310-11P2486 - Generic US

    As this is the EOL of the IPP220 product line, please note that any/all IPP200-specific accessories (i.e., PIN shields, cables, etc.) are included as part of this EOL.


    1. All revisions within said EOL part numbers (listed above) are included in this notice. For example, ICT220-01P1218 includes ICT220-01P1218A, ICT220-01P1218B, etc.
    2. After April 30, 2017, PCI-PTS v2 expiration date, Ingenico is unable to sell or ship any new products to customers. However, Ingenico may continue to repair said products and provide software updates as required.
    3. Key milestones related to this EOL are as follows:


    EOL Date The date the EOL officially takes effect. December 31, 2016
    LBO (Last Buy Order) The last date to order the device is through Ingenico. Not applicable (product has already been removed from sales).
    Last Ship Date The last possible ship date that can be requested. Only existing orders will be honored. They must be shipped prior to April 30, 2017.
    EOS (End of Support) The last date to receive support for the device. All customers should refer to their specific warranties and service agreements to determine the level of maintenance and support they are entitled to receive during the EOL period. December 31, 2019

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