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    Topics on FAQ

    Paya compatible Shopping Carts and Plugins

    Why can't I swipe transactions through my Sage Software or Virtual Terminal?

    Pre-auths from Sage 100 creating duplicate transactions in the Paya Virtual Terminal

    Paya security certificate (SSL) issues

    Which fields are required in an XML file import?

    Can I use a USB Keyboard Card Reader to process through the Virtual Terminal or through the Paya gateway?

    Do I have to ask a returning customer for their information every time their card is charged?

    Paya Integration Developer Assistance Contact Information

    Why isn't my temporary Virtual Terminal password working?

    Not getting a response from the Virtual Terminal after processing a transaction.

    Why are American Express transactions through the Virtual Terminal going to a different bank account?

    Special characters that are not allowed when uploading a file through the Virtual Terminal

    Why am I being unexpectedly logged out of the Virtual Terminal?

    Vault records staying active after account is closed

    What's the difference between Recurring History and Account History?

    Why am I taken directly to a Transaction Search page when I try to submit a transaction?

    When I try to submit a transaction in the Virtual Terminal, I am taken to a search page and the card is not processed.

    Swipers that are compatible with Ebizmarts mobile application

    What is a GUID?

    What is the difference between capture and settle?

    Am I required to enter the card holder’s address and 3 digit security code when I key enter a sale, or can I skip these prompts?

    Determining the issuer of your customer’s credit card

    Can voided transactions be undone?

    How do I customize the receipt in the Paya Virtual Terminal?

    Can I be provided with an export of a NACHA file for my recurring donors?

    How do I settle a batch?

    Which versions of SSL and TLS does Paya support

    Transaction Status: Expired

    How do I void a transaction in the Virtual Terminal?

    How do I update my browser?

    How long are authorizations valid for?

    How do I view my transaction history, or settled batches?

    How do I add a new user?

    How do I export reports?

    VIDEO: Transaction Receipts in Paya Virtual Terminal

    Processing Level 2 and Level 3 transactions through the VT3

    How to access my Merchant Statement in the Virtual Terminal

    Special characters that are not allowed for payment processing through Virtual Terminal

    Unsettled batches email alert

    Notification of recurring customer's credit card expiration

    Which browsers are supported for the Paya Virtual Terminal

    Access Level Settings for Virtual Terminal Users

    Why don't my batch deposits include American Express transactions?

    Bankcard Confirmation emails sent out on the test system for approved test payments

    Do web paying customers who make payments on the Paya Form receive a receipt via email?

    Virtual Terminal password parameters

    How far back can I perform a transaction search in the Virtual Terminal?

    Web paying customers able to see the Transaction Details have an option to Void the transaction due to an AVS mismatch.

    Error: Batch Close Error

    What is the Quick Actions box in the Virtual Terminal?

    Error: Total field on Virtual Terminal transaction page not updating

    What is a SPF record

    How do I integrate e-commerce sites, software, or shopping carts with the Paya Gateway?

    Does Paya work with QuickBooks?

    What is the Virtual Terminal?

    Merchant VAT

    What is Opencart?

    Accessing Sage Marketplace

    Does Zen Cart connect to the Paya Gateway?

    What does the content of the recurring credit card expiration notice look like to customers?

    Paya Virtual Terminal Training Videos

    List of test card numbers

    Can I have order information show up on my customer's bank statement?

    What causes a Duplicate Recurring Transaction?

    How to delete a recurring customer in the Virtual Terminal

    Voided transaction still in customer's bank account

    How do I update where my email notifications go?

    How do I setup user permissions in my Virtual Terminal?

    VIDEO: Risk and Security settings in Paya Virtual Terminal

    VIDEO: Paya Virtual Terminal User Administration

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