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    Processing Level 2 and Level 3 Transactions through the VT3

    Please Note: The Paya Virtual Terminal has been updated to a newer version that offers new features and functionality of the program. This article refers to the previous version. For instructions on using the new Paya Exchange Virtual Terminal, please visit: New Sage Exchange

    Processing Level 2 and Level 3 transactions through the VT3


    What fields are required when processing Level 2 or Level 3 transactions in the VT3?


    When processing Level 2 transactions, the following fields are required:

    • Tax Amount (if zero, then tax indicator should be exempt)
    • Tax Indicator (Exempt or Non-exempt)
    • Customer Code (Purchasing Cards Only; determined by the Merchant)

    When processing Level 3 transactions, the following fields are required:

    • ALL Level 2 fields (as described above)
    • Discount Amount (if there is a discount to be applied, otherwise, 0’s)
    • Freight/Shipping Amount (can be 0’s)
    • Duty Amount (can be 0’s)
    • Item Commodity Code
    • Item Descriptor (anything the Merchant desires to describe the item)
    • Product Code (determined by the Merchant)
    • Quantity (how many)
    • Unit of Measure (lbs, oz, feet, cases, hours, etc.)
    • Cost per Unit (cost per lb, oz, feet, cases, hours, etc.)
    • Discount per Line Item (if there is a discount, spell out per item)
    • Line Item Total (total amount for each product)

    *This information is also required if you are processing Level 2 and/or Level 3 transactions through a custom integration such as the XML WebServices.

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