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    How do I edit the next run date on any recurring payment in Paya Connect?


    Paya Connect


    A Merchant can edit the 'Next Run Date' for the next upcoming payment. This is a one-time edit and the recurring payment will return to the original payment schedule after this edit. The Merchant can push the next run date up to the day before the next regularly scheduled run for the following month. For example, if the Merchant has a recurring payment set to run once every month on the 23rd, and currently it is 09/09/18 and the recurring is going to run on 9/23/18. The Merchant can change the next run date and move it as far as 10/22/2018. This means the 'September' payment will run on 10/22/18 and the recurring will still run its next payment on the next scheduled run date of 10/23/2018.

    Changing the next run date does not 'skip' a payment, it only pushes it back. 

    If the next run date is changed to run before the regularly scheduled date, the Merchant may run the risk of double charging the customer as the recurring transaction returns to its original payment schedule. If this is not the desired outcome this can be avoided by setting up a one-time payment for the earlier date and skipping the next run date on the original recurring schedule. Please see the article about Skipping a transaction


    1. Navigate to the 'Locations' section from the menu on the left-hand side of the page, and select your location.  
    2. Click on the 'Contact' tab, and select the contact that has a recurring payment that needs to be edited.
    3. Click on the 'Actions' button for the recurring payment under the 'Recurring Billing' section:

    1. Select 'Edit':  

    1. In the 'Edit Recurring' section, click on the 'Next Run Date' line and use the calendar to select the date:

    1. Click 'Save'.

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