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    The Contact Overview tab in Paya Connect


    Paya Connect


    The Contact Overview tab is designed to be a comprehensive place where you can access all the features necessary to manage a contact's payments.  


    There are three sections within the Contact Overview tab Stored Accounts, Recent Transactions, and Recurring Billings.  

    • Stored Accounts
      This space contains information on what cards the contact has stored and an at-a-glance view of which are expired. Any stored card can be easily edited or deleted by clicking the icon under Actions. Cards can be added by clicking Add Account at the bottom of the container- and if the contact has more than five cards stored a full list can be viewed by clicking the View All link.

    • Recent Transactions
      This container will display the most recent transactions that took place for this contact. The Transaction Detail screen will be displayed by clicking on the Trx Date links. To run a new transaction for a contact, click Charge Contact. To view all of the transactions associated with the contact, click the View All link at the bottom right of the container.

    • Recurring Billings
      Here you will see the five most recent recurring schedules for this contact. These recurring schedules can be viewed, printed, edited, or deleted by selecting the icon under Actions. To add a recurring payment schedule, click on Add Recurring. If you would like to view all recurring schedules, including recurring schedules that have been deleted or have ended, click the View All link at the bottom of the container.

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