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    Unable to process a payment in Sage Mobile Payments application when connected to Wi-Fi


    Sage Mobile Payments 



    This is usually caused when your mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network that will not allow users to transmit data.  This can result in the Sage Mobile Application failing to login and receiving the error message "Cannot connect to server. Please check your network connections and try again".  You may also receive the error message "No Connection Detected: It seems that you've lost connectivity. Note that it you continue this transaction in offline mode, you will not be able to verify if the customer's payment card is valid until a later time.  Please see your terms and conditions for more information. Would you like to continue this transaction offline?"


    Scenario 1

    • Turn off Wi-Fi and retry using your cellular data network to connect to the Sage Mobile Payments application.


    Scenario 2

    • Check with the WiFi network administrator to verify that the Wi-Fi login credentials you are using are correct and up to date.


    Scenario 3

    • If the login credentials are correct, and you are able to use the Wi-Fi connection to access other services that use a data connection such as a web browser or mobile banking, you may need to check with the Wi-Fi Network Administrator to see if the appropriate ports are open for the application to work properly. (List of ports for Sage Mobile Payments.)


    Scenario 4

    • If none of the previous solutions work you may want to process transactions using "offline mode," and then upload stored transactions once you are able to use a data connection with Sage Mobile Payments. (How to process payments offline.)


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