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    I cannot open the Sage Payments 2.0 Mobile Application

    Please Note: Sage Mobile Payments has been updated to a newer application version that offers new features and better device compatibility. This article refers to the previous version

    Difficulties when launching my Sage Payments 2.0 mobile application


    I am having difficulty launching my Sage Payments 2.0 mobile application.  How do I fix this?


    If you are having difficulty launching your Sage Payments mobile application please follows the steps below. These steps will walk you through a fresh install:

    1. If you have already downloaded the application, completely delete it from your mobile device. If you have any offline transactions, do not delete the application or they will be lost.

    2. If you are not the Master User and this is going to be a sub-line, have the owner of the Master Line create your username and password, and skip ahead to step 5. If you are the Master User, click the Launch button in your introductory email. If you are the Master User but have not received your welcome email, please contact us to have it resent.

    3. If you are with the Girl Scouts, please enter "9999" "0000" or "1111" for the last four of your Social Security Number or your TIN.

    4. Follow the directions to create a username and password and please make sure your username and password are eight characters or less.

    5. Log on to http://www.mysagemobile.com/ using the username and password that you just created.

    6. Change your password when prompted. If you are not automatically prompted, please navigate to My Account > Account Setup and manually change your password. Please make sure your password is eight characters or less.

    7. Ensure that your phone has all available updates and please contact your cellular service provider if you require assistance with this.

    8. Ensure that your phone model and carrier are on the supported devices list, located at http://devices.roamdata.com/.

    9. Turn your phone off. If possible, remove the battery and wait ten seconds, then reinsert the battery and power your phone back on.

    10. Download Sage Payments 2.0 Mobile App from your phone’s App Store.

    11. Disable your phone’s 3G or 4G connection and connect to a Wi-Fi (wireless internet) Network.

    12. Log into the application. Some phones have a tendency to auto capitalize the first letter; make sure your capitalization matches the username and password you created.


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