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    How to add a recurring transaction in the recurring mini-app in Paya Exchange


    How do I add a recurring transaction in the recurring mini-app?


    1. Click 'Add Recurring' from the menu to open the corresponding page.
    2. Click 'Credit Card' or 'Virtual Check' in the type field to display the corresponding card or check fields.
    3. Select 'Sale', 'AuthOnly' (not available for virtual check transactions), or 'Credit' in the Transaction type field.
    4. Select 'Active' or 'Inactive' in the Status field. Transactions you mark inactive will not be processed, regardless of the assigned schedule.
    5. Assign the transaction to a group in the 'Group' field.
    6. Assign the transaction to a Schedule in the 'Schedule' field.
    7. Enter (or select) the date on which the transaction will start processing in the 'Start Date' field. Because recurring transactions are processed very early in the morning, usually before 6 AM EST, it is normally not possible to set the 'Start Date' to the current date and process the recurring transaction.

    Example: A new recurring transaction is created on July 15th and assigned to a schedule that runs on the 20th of each month. Whether the start date is set to July 15th or July 20th, the transaction will process when the schedule runs on July 20th. If the start date is set to September 15th; the transaction will not process until September 20th.

    1. Enter the number of times you want to process this transaction in the 'Times to Process' field if the 'Process Indefinitely' field is set to 'No'. If you select 'Yes' in the 'Process Indefinitely' field, the transaction will continue processing until it is deleted or made inactive.

    Note: The 'Times Processed' field keeps track of how many times the recurring transaction has been processed.

    1. Enter the amount of the transaction in the 'Subtotal' field.
    2. Enter any applicable tax amount in the 'Tax' field.
    3. Enter the credit card information in the 'Card #', 'Exp Month', and 'Year' fields if you selected credit card as the 'Payment Type'.


    • Enter the check details in the 'Routing #', 'Acct. #', 'Origin ID', and 'Account Type' fields if you selected Virtual Check as the 'Payment Type'.
    1. Enter the customer details in the 'First Name', 'Last Name', 'Address''City', 'State', 'Zip Code', and 'Country' within the order information section.
    2. The 'Telephone', 'Email', and 'Third Party Reference' fields are optional. The information input in the 'Third Party Reference' field will be included as the order number when reviewing a recurring transaction that has been processed.
    3. Optionally, mark 'Send Email Confirmation' to send an email confirmation about the transaction to the customer, if an email address is entered.
    4. Click 'Add Recurring' to add the transaction to the list of recurring transactions.

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