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    Who can I contact about a chargeback inquiry?

    Please contact our Chargeback Department at 1-866-637-5467

    Preventing Chargebacks

    There are many steps available for Merchants to help in the prevention of a chargeback. You will find tips to avoid the most common causes of chargebacks as well as documents that go more in-depth into each topic below:

    • Merchants that accept Card Present transactions should always match up the receipt signature with the signature on the back of the card. 
    • Merchants that accept Card Present transactions should never accept cards that have not been signed. 
    • If the magnetic stripe on the back of the card cannot be read by your terminal, be cautious when deciding if you should manually key in the card number, as this is a major red flag with counterfeit credit cards. 
    • Merchants that accept Card Not Present transactions should always make use of the Address Verification Service (AVS) and shipment of products should only be sent to an address that has been verified and associated with the credit card that generated the transaction. AVS will verify if the address provided to you by the cardholder actually matches their billing address with their card issuer. When these do not match this sends a flag to the merchant to implement more safeguards to ensure they do not become a victim of credit card fraud.  

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