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    Chargeback Assistance Program

    Designed to help you try and prevent chargebacks from happening and help you be more prepared to handle them when they do occur

    A chargeback occurs when a credit card transaction is reversed and money is returned to the cardholder by their credit card company. The majority of situations happen when a cardholder was dissatisfied with the merchandise or fraudulent activity has taken place. The result is loss of revenue and possible loss of merchandise.

    Our Program Offers:

    • A dedicated toll-free number (1-866-637-5467) to a Paya Chargeback Specialist to personally assist you.
    • Custom chargeback prevention tips designed specifically for your business model.
    • Assistance in creating chargeback reduction plans.
    • One-on-one consultation on how to respond to chargebacks, remedies, and recommendations on how to strengthen rebuttals that may be necessary.
    • Access to industry knowledge for best practices when responding to chargebacks.

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