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    What is the fee to obtain my PCI-DSS through Paya?

    The Annual PCI fee, billed in June every year, covers costs associated with our data breach protection plan of up to $100k per MID in remediation funds should a data breach occur. The overall PCI package from Paya/Aperia includes:

    • SAQ Wizard: That directs the merchant to the right SAQ
    • User-Friendly & International Multi-Lingual Portal
    • One-stop access to all tools needed to be compliant
    • Certificates & AOCs
    • Integrated External Vulnerability Scanning
    • Based on SAQ requirements, easy link to Internal Vulnerability Scanning, Antivirus and Endpoint Protection (fulfills Req. 5), PAN Scanning, Mobile Scanning, and Endpoint Lock protection (keylogging prevention powered by Advanced Cyber Security (ACS) *Endpoint Protection is available through Intel Security
    • Security Policy Templates
    • POS Checklist & Inventory Sheet 
    • Extensive SAQ and SCAN Support via phone, email, and online chat

    To validate a certificate you obtained through an alternate QSA, please send the certificate along with your merchant ID number to Compliance@nuvei.com

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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