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    Paya Services IP Address Changes


    Paya ACH Services


    Paya Services will be increasing the number of IP addresses it utilizes on August 15, 2020, as we continue to strengthen and expand our data center functionality. We understand that some clients’ systems may rely on whitelisting as part of their security protocols. We prefer that our clients whitelist our URLs rather than IPs to avoid service interruptions when it becomes necessary for Paya to update its IP addresses but recognize there are some clients that prefer whitelisted IP addresses. If you are unable to whitelist URLs and need specific IP information please reference the list below



    Pools URLs IP Addresses
    CERT demo.eftchecks.com

    CERT GIFT demogift.eftchecks.com
    GIFTGWY getigift.eftchecks.com
    GWY getigateway.eftchecks.com
    WEB geti.eftchecks.com
    CORP checktraining.com
    GCS giftcardstudio.eftchecks.com
    MCGW MyCardGateway.eftchecks.com
    MOREFT MyOnLineReports.com
    SFTP sftp.eftchecks.com 

    For Bankcard and IP Address Changes check this article. 

    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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