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    What IP addresses should I whitelist to access Paya products?


    Paya Virtual Terminal

    Paya Exchange

    Paya Gateway solutions

    Paya Vault


    While Paya would prefer that our Merchants and integrators whitelist and post to specific domains we realize that some solutions will require an IP address. Please note that IP addresses are subject to change without notice, and we may not post new IP addresses as soon as they are available.   


    Please note that these IP addresses are subject to change without prior notification, we recommend whitelisting by the domain of your post location whenever possible.

    The information below is accurate as of 01/13/2020:

    The IP addresses for www.sagepayments.net domain are and

    The IP address for gateway.sagepayments.net is

    The IP addresses for www.sageexchange.com domain are and

    The IP addresses for va.eftsecure.net and

    The information below is accurate as of 11/07/2020:


    IPs to Whitelist






    If you are still having trouble with what IP addresses you are using to resolve one of the above domains please follow the steps below:

    1. Run the Command Line prompt: from the Start Menu > Run > CMD
    2. Run the nslookup command for www.sagepayments.net, www.sageexchange.com, or va.eftsecure.net (perform this by typing nslookup (space) and the domain you are posting to).

    If this does not resolve the domain for you, then you may need to flush the DNS. Please use the commands below:

    From an Administrator Command Prompt


    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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