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    How to void a transaction in Paya Connect


    Paya Connect


    Voids are done on same-day transactions; this is the money that hasn't been settled within a day and hasn't been deposited into the merchant's bank account.  If the transaction has been settled and the monies have been deposited the merchant will need to issue a refund, please reference this article to learn more about how merchants can issue a refund.   


    From the Transaction Reports 

    1. Navigate to Transaction Reports by clicking on Reports>Transactions, and search for the transaction that you would like to void.  
    2. Click on the Transactions Detail Icon for that transaction to pull up the Transaction Detail screen.

    3. In the Transaction Details screen under the action menu click the Void Transaction button.  

    4. A Void Transaction popup window will appear, and the merchant will click the Void Transaction button to complete the void.  

    5. A Transaction Receipt Details pop-up window will appear where the merchant will be able to print a void receipt if necessary.

    From the Contact Overview screen

    1. Navigate to the contact's Overview screen, in the Recent Transactions section; the merchant will be able to locate the transaction they are trying to void
    2. The merchant will want to click on the hyperlinked date to pull up the unsettled transaction details pop-up.

    3. on the Transaction detail, pop-up click the Void Trans button.

    4. Click Void Transaction to finalize the void.  

    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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