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    Why is the settled batch I click on say I have 0 transactions but the previous page shows an amount?


    Paya Exchange


    A user might not be able to view the Settled Batch report, or the information in the report may not be accurate.  Users may not see batch details within the batch report; this can include information like transactions for some gateway IDs may not be available, batch amounts might not match Batch closed summaries, and batch reports may not be visible.  


    Users that are not able to the complete settled batch information will not have the proper Role permissions to access the required information.  The Admin user or Super User will need to log in to adjust the permissions on the user's role. 

    1. Click Administration
    2. Click Edit on the User to confirm which Role they have 
    3. Click on Roles
    4. Click on Edit for the Role of that User 
    5. Scroll to the bottom and Check the Select all option for Devices
    6. Click Save
    7. Once saved log out and back in

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