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    How to Adjust or Finalize an Auth-Only Transaction in Paya Exchange


    How do I adjust or finalize an Auth-Only transaction?


    This guide describes two different ways of finalizing (sometimes called "adjusting" or "capturing") an Auth-Only transaction:

    • Method One: Adjusting the transaction amount
    • Method Two: Without making any changes

    For both methods, please begin by following the steps below:

    • Log into Paya Exchange
    • Use QuickLinks and select Batch Management
    • Launch the Virtual Terminal

    As soon you launch the terminal it takes you to a batch summary for the account, you can select a credit card from the top right corner.

    METHOD ONE: Adjusting the Transaction Amount

    This method should be used when you need to make a one-time adjustment to the transaction amount to adjust for shipping charges or other charges that were unknown at the time of authorization.

    • First, locate the transaction you wish to adjust
    • Click the small green arrow on the right side to see the options, then Adjust
    • Change amounts or Customer Info as necessary
    • Click Process Transaction and once the page reloads, Auth-Only transaction will now change to "Prior Auth".

    METHOD TWO: Without making any changes

    This method should be used when you do not need to make a one-time adjustment to the transaction.

    • Under the "Settle" column, locate and check off the box to every Auth Only transaction you wish to capture
    • Select Capture
    • Click Capture Checked Transactions button. This will finalize the Auth Only transaction
    • Your Auth-Only transaction will now appear as a "Prior Auth" in the batch

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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