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    How to add a user in Paya Exchange

    User management in PEMS


    Paya Exchange Management System


    To add a new user,  please follow the instructions below:

    NOTE: If this is the first new user, a role must be created first. For more information, please view the instructions on creating Roles in Paya Exchange:

    • Click on the 'Administration' tab, select 'Users', and then click the 'Add New User' button. Input the following information:
      • Full Name: The user's first and last name.
      • Email: The user's email address, each user is required to have a unique email address, which will be used to log into Paya Exchange.
      • Password and Confirm Password: Enter the password that the user will enter to log into Paya Exchange. Click here for the password requirements for Paya Exchange. Users can change their passwords at any time by following these instructions.
      • Role: Every user must be assigned a role. A role determines the users' permissions within the Paya Exchange Payment Management System.
      • Time Zone: Select the timezone in which the user is located.
    • Next, establish a 'Virtual Terminal Profile' for the user. This is a series of permissions that impact a user's ability to process sales and refunds, settle batches, and set up recurring payments. Several of these options have a field in which a dollar value can be entered. The value entered here defines the maximum dollar amount that a user can process on a single transaction. A value of 0.00 means that a user can process transactions with an unlimited dollar value. Click the 'Save' button to create the user.
      • Credit Card/Virtual Check Manual Transaction: The user can process Sale, Auth Only, and Force type transactions.
      • Credit Card/Virtual Check Manual Credits: The user can process Credit or Refund type transactions.
      • Credit Card/Virtual Check Recurring Transactions: The user can add new recurring customers.
      • Credit Card/Virtual Check Batch Operations: The user can settle batches.
      • Reports and Transaction Review: The user can use the Quick Search feature in the Virtual Terminal and the 'View' feature in Batch Management.

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