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    How to Control where the Batch Close Notifications are Sent

    How to control where the batch close notifications are sent


    How do I control where my batch close notifications are sent?


    The Virtual Terminal (VT) allows a merchant to configure e-mail notifications for their settled batches. The recipients of these notifications are set within the VT, under the Configuration -- > Email Notifications --> General Email Settings menu. There are two kinds of email notifications for batch settlement:

    1. The first type has the subject "CREDIT CARD AUTO-CLOSE RESULTS" or "VIRTUAL CHECK AUTO-CLOSE RESULTS". They are only generated if the batch was settled automatically by our auto-close feature. These notifications are sent to the email address that is in the "Batch Close Email Address" field of the General Email Settings menu.
    2. The second type has the subject "[Business Name]: Settled Batch AutoExport" and they are generated for both manually- and automatically-settled batches. These notifications are also sent to the email address that is in the "Batch Close Email Address" field. These emails can be disabled by changing the "Batch Close Notifications" setting to "No Email".

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