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    How do I complete an Offline Transaction?

    Sage Mobile Payments: How Offline Transactions Work


    How do Offline Transactions work?


    Offline sales are performed in the same manner as online sales, except transactions are not authorized by the processor, and are stored for future upload. There are two ways for offline mode to occur:

    • If you lose network connectivity
    • If you force the application into offline mode

    The application will return to online mode once a connection is reestablished. If you accept payments while in offline mode, the application will automatically prompt you to upload those transactions once connectivity is regained, or when Stay Offline mode is disabled. The offline transactions will then be uploaded in the background and you can continue accepting new transactions

    Losing Network Connectivity

    If you lose network connectivity, you will see a message when you log in that you are in offline mode. The application will continue, and messages along the process will continue to inform you of offline usage.

    Force Offline Mode

    If you decide you are in a weak or undetermined network coverage area and want to conduct offline sales, you can use the Stay Offline option in Settings to force the app into offline mode (check the Settings Menu section for instructions).

    Upload an Offline Sale

    Once a sale has been created in offline mode it must be uploaded to the processor for authorization. There are two ways of performing this:

    1. Individual Uploads

    • Go to the Settings screen.
    • Ensure the Stay Offline option is set to Off.
    • Tap Transaction History.
    • Tap the Offline Only button.
    • Select the transaction to upload.
    • Tap Upload.
    • The selected transaction will be uploaded.

    2. Logging In Offline Mode

    • Ensure the Stay Offline option is set to Off.
    • Log out of the application.
    • The next time you log into the application you will receive the message that you’re in offline mode, and ask if you want to continue and tap Yes.
    • Enter your password in the pop-up dialog box to confirm your identity.
    • A message displays to let you know that you have stored offline transactions and asks if you want to upload them then tap Upload.
    • All offline transactions will be uploaded.

    If there is an interruption in network connectivity during the upload process, you will receive a notification. Once you have network connectivity the upload process will automatically resume.

    Important Notes

    When offline, you cannot perform a void or refund as the transaction history is not available.

    Offline sales are not authorized until uploaded, and therefore potentially risk the card data is incorrect or the card will not authorize.

    If software or hardware issues occur, the offline transactions may be lost and there is no means to recover them. Ensure that you have details to recreate the transaction.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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