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    How to Process Offline Transactions in the Sage Payments 2.0 App

    Please Note: Sage Mobile Payments has been updated to a new version of the app, with multiple new features and better compatibility with devices. This tutorial is for the older version, for instructions on using offline mode in the new Sage Mobile app, please go here: New Sage Mobile: How do Offline Transactions work? (Store And Forward)

    Processing offline transactions in the Sage Payments 2.0 app


    How do I process an offline transaction in the Sage Payments 2.0 app?


    Offline transactions (also known as Store and Forward) are for times when there is no method of transmitting the credit card information to the processor. This allows the user to store the card data in the application and running the transaction at a later time when data transmission is available. When cellular or WiFi signal is not available, transactions can be stored securely and uploaded at a later time when your network is accessible.

    *Please note: Offline transactions will not perform an authorization at the time of swiping or entering the card data. The merchant assumes all risks if the card is declined or lost in transmission. It is highly suggested that all offline transactions also include the card data and merchant contact information being captured for possible recreation of the transaction if needed.

    To process an Offline transaction please follows the steps below:

    • Select Offline
    • Select Offline Credit Sale
    • Press Select
    • Enter the amount of payment
    • Press Continue
    • Review the Summary and press Continue
    • Enter the cardholder's credit card number, expiration date, and the CVV2 (or, press Swipe to swipe the credit card)
    • Press Next
    • Enter the cardholder's phone number (optional)
    • Press Next
    • Enter the cardholder's name and address
    • Press Capture
    • Enter the cardholder's email address
    • Press Submit
    • You will receive a confirmation screen

     To process or upload your saved transaction(s) please follow the steps below:

    • Select Offline
    • Select Upload Stored Transactions
    • Press Select
    • Press Upload All
    • Review your results

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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