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    Protect Yourself Against Point-of-Sale Terminal Tampering

    Criminals seeking to steal payment card data are increasingly targeting point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Such illegal activities include accessing POS terminals and inserting a “bug” that reads cardholder data and associated PINs. Other tactics include installing miniature cameras or video recording devices pointed at PIN-entry devices.

    Here are some important steps merchants can take to reduce the risk of having their POS terminals compromised:

    • Protect POS equipment – Merchants should track POS terminals and their serial numbers; routinely inspect terminals and PIN-entry devices to confirm serial numbers and ensure there are no signs of tampering.
    • Safeguard POS equipment and the surrounding area – To prevent equipment “swaps”, Merchants should use secure stands, tethers, or security cables; check the retail environment for unauthorized hidden recording devices; install security cameras.
    • Train staff on POS equipment tampering prevention – Merchants should help employees recognize the noticeable signs of equipment tampering; validate all POS equipment service and repair technicians.

    For more information, please read Visa's in-depth article:

    Point-of-Sale Terminal Tampering

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