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    New Processing Fees Introduced in June 2022


    Paya has been made aware of new processing fees created and introduced by Visa and Discover in June of 2022.  

    These fees will reflect on the June 2022 statement and will be billed one month in arrears, if applicable. A brief description provided by the card associations is below:

    Card Brand
    Fee %
    Fee Per Item
    Short Description
    US Address Verification Service
    $0.001 This fee enables Merchants to verify a cardholder's Billing Address with their issuing bank for Card Not Present (CNP) transactions. Issuers and Merchants use the match result as a part of the authorization decision process, and to help decide whether to proceed with the transaction(s).
    Digital Investment Fee
    This fee is to compensate for providing digital transaction security and fraud prevention efforts (0.01% of the gross amount of credit card sales on all transactions).
    Account Verification Service Fee
    This fee is used to compensate for the use of Discover's Account Verification Service. This fee is assessed for each Auth response obtained from using the Account Verification Services. 
    Address Verification Service Fee
    This fee is assessed for each Address Verification Service used for various AVS Response Codes. 

    In addition, American Express will introduce the 'American Express Acquirer Transaction Fee' on July 15, 2022 (the cost is $0.02 per transaction).

    American Express Ancillary Updates

    Amerian Express has provided new ancillary cost updates, please be advised of the new changes below:

    International Surcharge % / Inbound Fee
    US Assessment Fee (Formerly Amex Network Fee)
    Non-Swiped Fee
    1.00% (previously .40%)

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