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    Moneris CA - the “INIT REQUIRED” screen displays after the Terminal initialization has completed through eSelectPlus



    This may continue to occur if the iPP320 PIN pad was not properly initialized. Please, follow the steps below to remedy the issue.


    1. Power off the iPP320 Terminal by disconnecting the USB cable from your computer.
    2. Log out of the Merchant Resource Center (also referred to as eSelectPlus), and then close your Web browser.
    3. Log back into the Merchant Resource Center.
    4. Power on the iPP320 PIN pad by plugging the USB cable back into the USB port on your computer.
    5. When the “INIT REQUIRED” screen displays, repeat the setup steps beginning from Initializing the iPP320 PIN pad on page 9 of the IPP320 Setup Guide.
    6. If you are still unable to initialize the iPP320 PIN pad, do the following:
     a. Try repeating the setup steps beginning from Configuring your Merchant Resource Center com port setting on page 8 of the Setup Guide.
     b. If this does not work, try installing an updated version of the Java platform, and then repeat the Initializing the iPP320 PIN pad steps on page 9 of the Setup Guide.

    iPP320Setup Guide

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