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    VX680 EMA Application Update Procedures




    Customers may experience a continual reboot of their Vx Verifone terminals primarily due to software installed by the manufacturer. Some Vx Series Verifone terminals will require an upgrade prior to June 25th, 2019.


    My Verifone VX680 device needs an application update. How do I perform an EMA download?

    To resolve the issue of the Verifone device continually rebooting, follow the Reboot Parameter Update procedures.

    To prevent the issue from happening again, ensure the device is connected to a dongle or docking station which is connected to either the internet using an Ethernet cable or to an analog phone line. Follow the Estate Management Application (EMA) download steps by watching the video shown in Option 1 or completing the procedures shown in Option 2.

    Option 1. Complete the steps in the video:

    Option 2. Complete the step-by-step procedures. When the steps advise to select an option press the option icon option icon 680 next to the selection.

    Step 1. Print Reports and Settle the batch if needed.

    Step 2. From the sale menu, press * to display the application option screen. For Example:

    Step 3. Press 9 to display EMA update options.

    Step 4. Press the scroll icon  to display more options.

    Step 5. Select Settings.

    Step 6. Key in the password: Press 1, 6, 6, 8, 3, 1, and then press the green Enter key.

    Step 7. Select VC Profile.

    Step 8. Select Next until Comm Type displays.

    Step 9. Verify the Comm Type displays the correct value:

    • Internet connections should display IP.
    • Phone line connections should display Dial.

    Step 10. If the Comm Type is invalid, follow the procedure to change it:

    1. Select Edit.
    2. Select Next to change to Dial for a phone line -or- IP for an internet connection.
    3. Select Slct.
    4. Select Exit.
    5. Select OK.

    Step 11. Select Exit.

    Step 12. Press the red Cancel key to exit the settings options screen.

    Press 13. Select Update Now.

    When the update is successful, an Estate Management Update Check Summary Report prints: TERMINAL IS UP-TO-DATE.

    Note: The terminal will restart, check for updates, and restart again. When an external PIN pad is connected the process continues for approximately five additional minutes.

    Next step: To start processing sales, select SoftPay, or Payments, or Credit/Debit/EMV to access the sales home screen.

    Source: My Verifone VX680 device needs an application update. How do I perform an EMA download?

    The information above represents a summary of the procedures provided by Verifone at http://support.verifone.com/

    If you continue to have issues after this process please contact Paya Customer Support at 800-261-0240, or email us at support@paya.com.

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