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    Vx520 Full Download Process (Ethernet)




    How to perform a Full Download on Vx520 over an Ethernet cable


    *Please batch & settle out before proceeding with the next steps*

    1. On the terminal, Press both F2 and F4 
    2. Input the password: 1, alpha key, alpha key, 66831. Then press Enter
    3. Select 2 (Download) 
    4. Press Enter (Group id 1) 
    5. Input the password: 1, alpha key, alpha key, 66831. Then press Enter
    6. Select 2 (Multi) 
    7. Select 1 (Full) 
    8. A prompt to clear previous software will display. Select 2 to Continue. Alternatively, the terminal may prompt you to delete the Grp1 file.
    9. Select 1 (Yes) to confirm
    10. At the top of the keypad, press 1st Purple key from the left to go to the next screen
    11. Select 3 (TCPIP)
    12. Press Enter when the word Download is highlighted
    13. Press 2nd Purple from the left to highlight Ethernet 
    14. Press Enter 
    15. Press Enter when the word Download is highlighted 
    16. Select IP Address and enter 
    17. Press Enter 
    18. Select Edit (purple key on the far right) 
    19. Enter 38013 
    20. Press Enter 
    21. Select Edit (purple key on the right) and Select TRUE for SSL
    22. Press Enter twice to bypass Block & Heap Size
    23. Confirm the displayed number is the V# on a sticker on the side or back of terminal (the letter "V" is replaced with the number 7)
    24. Press Enter 7 time until the Terminal displays Download. 
    25. You will see 10 Dash which will turn to 10 Stars
    26. Please wait while the terminal completes the process
    27. An Idle Screen will display with two Prompts
    28. Press F3 on the side of the Screen for SOFTPAY-TSYS to access your Sale screen
    29. Enter the Authentication Code: 7, alpha key 3 times, 2, alpha, 4, alpha, 3 alpha key 2 times, 123. This should spell SAGE123. Then press Enter
    30. Key in the Business Zip Code (the Zip code that is on your sales receipt). Then press Enter.

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