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    Visa Purchase Return Authorization


    Paya Gateways

    Paya Class A Terminals


    In an effort to reduce fraud and chargeback, and improve cardholder's experience Visa has rolled out Purchase Return Authorizations (PRA).  


    What are Purchase Return Authorizations?

    • PRAs allow the cardholder to see their returns in a pending status similar to how they see purchases.  

    What are the benefits of PRAs to the Card Acceptor?

    • Card Acceptors will get real-time feedback on Return transactions to help card acceptors prevent fraud and chargebacks.  Card Acceptors will be provided with the following real-time response data
      • Response Code (Decline or Approval codes)
      • Transaction Identifiers
      • Unique Authorization Codes (different from the original transaction)
      • Retrieval Reference Number
    • PRAs will reduce the number of negative Card Acceptor/Cardholder interactions

    What are the Card Acceptors Response codes?

    • 00 - Approved
    • 85 - Approved no reason to decline
    • 10 - Partial Approval (while Paya does not allow for Partial approvals it may still occur in rare occasions) 
    • 05 - Do Not Honor
    • 14 - Invalid Account Number
    • 57 - Transaction Not permitted to Cardholder

    What scenarios should the card accept use PRA for?

    • If a customer requests a refund and has a receipt showing a Visa Account was used for the original purchase a PRA should be processed.  
    • If the Visa for the account is no longer valid or the original card is no longer available a PRA should be processed to an alternate Visa.  
    • If the account or alternate account is invalid the PRA will Decline
    • If the cardholder does not have a receipt or proof of purchase showing the use of a Visa account it is recommended that the Card acceptor uses another form of Credit.  (i.e. store credit)

    what should a Card Acceptor do in if a PRA is declined?

    • Advise the cardholder that they can contact the issuer for additional support.  
    • a Card Acceptor may choose to Run a Force Credit, however, may expose the Card Acceptor to additional risks.  

    When should Card Acceptor expect to be able to run PRAs?

    • Integrators should be able to work with PRAs by October 2019.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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