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    Why are my payments from e-Invoicing not automatically posting as paid to the Payment Center?


    Sage 50

    Sage Exchange Desktop


    My connection is active and customers are receiving the email with the link to submit their payment; transactions are processed and approved, but I do not receive a receipt that automatically marks the invoice as a 'Paid' status.


    Establish the initial steps with the Payment Center connection (active login either through a mod or standalone site at www.sagepaymentcenter.com).

    The Sage Exchange Desktop serial number must also match the active component in SE.com's Connections map.

    Ensure the SED is active and the Sage 50 plugin is the correct component with the current edition(i.e., Sage 50 edition - Sage 50 R18). Also, the accurate GL account from the plugin setup must also be the same selected account in the Payment Center's Invoices settings.

    Note: The accounting method in Sage 50 will also need to be set to 'Accrual' instead of 'Cash', for the post-back service to generate a receipt to apply to the created invoice. If the accounting method is set to a 'Cash' basis, a receipt will not be generated as the software will assume upon creation of the invoice, that the Merchant is receiving payment at that time and not awaiting for payment to process later. 

    You can also identify the accounting method if the SED trace log generates a status message script: "Error creating ReceiptSage.Peachtree.API.Exceptions.ValidationsException: Currently, receipts and payments applying to invoices in cash basis companies are not supported when using the .NET SDK".

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