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    How do I clear e-Invoicing to start a new initial sync?


    e-Invoicing, Sage 50 Plugin


    Forcing initial re-sync or clearing out e-Invoicing configuration for a fresh start.


    Clear Plugin

    • Go to the Task Manager and end the sehost32 task or go to the plugin and disable it.
    • Use the Task Manager to ensure sehost32 is not running, close and exit SED 2.0 as well. Ensure it also is no longer running via task manager.
    • Go to C:\Users\*localuser*\AppData\Local\Sage Payment Solutions and delete all three folders.  This clears the plugins from SED.

    Clear Connection and Old Plugin

    • In the Payment Center within Sage 50 click on 'Settings'
    • Click on 'Go To SageExchange.com'. 
    • Open the 'Connections' tab, if the Merchant does not have access to the 'Connections Map', the Merchant may need to have the Paya Exchange Connections fee added at no cost to the Merchant profile to see the information in this tab.
    • Locate the existing connections and verify how many SEDs have been registered. 
      • You will need to click the little green triangle to see all SEDs that have been registered.
    • By left-clicking those SED components, it will present you with a removal option.
    • Remove all connections in SED related to Sage 50.


    Recreate Connection to Force Re-sync

    • Go to the invoicing tab in the Payment Center, it should say 'Get Started' or 'Reconnect'. If it does not, please go to the 'Settings' wheel and disable the e-Invoicing and confirm the disconnection. This will take you back to the main e-Invoicing screen with either 'Reconnect' or 'Get Started'. 
    • If it does not say get started, the plugin was not deleted completely. This is typically caused by either SEhost32 or means SED was still running when deleting the three folders in the previous instruction. There are residual pieces in the C:\Users\*localuser*\AppData\Local\Sage Payment Solutions folder. Please ensure SED and SEhost32 are not running again and remove any residuals. 
    • Re-start SED and you should have to register SED again to view plugins.   
    • Download and enable the Sage 50 2020 plugin or the current version.
    • Once the plugin has been configured, you will need to reconnect e-Invoicing in the Payment Center. When returning to e-Invoicing, you will want to ensure the invoicing main page is refreshed. Navigating away and back will ensure a refresh as well, go ahead and click 'Get Started' or 'Reconnect' to begin a new re-sync.   

    Verifying Success

    The trace log can be reviewed to verify initial re-sync was requested by the plugin. This is indicated by the word <all> in the request and the date range covering the last 365 days. In about 8-minutes you should have a response in the SED log indicating success and you will see invoices in the Payment Center a few moments later. If you do not receive a response back within 12-minutes, you will receive a 404 or a chunker error. 

    The chunker error can be manually resolved by increasing the chunk size. This is not a common error and is always accompanied by a 404 error as well. Once the chunker error is cleared the customer still could receive a 404 error. 1/3 of the chunker errors still receive a 404 error after it was resolved. You would then want to make the manual change to bypass this 404 error.

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