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    How to Process an Offline Transaction -Verifone VX Terminal

    Offline sales are performed in the same manner as online sales, except transactions are not authorized by the processor, and are stored for future upload. 

    From the Main Screen (Sale, Refund & Settlement)

    1.                 Press More key (1st purple key on left until Offline)
    2.                 Select Offline
    3.                 Enter Amount $
    4.                 Press Enter
    5.                 Confirm amount $ by selecting Yes (F1)
    6.                 Enter credit card #’s
    7.                 Enter
    8.                 Select Credit (F1)
    9.                 Enter Expiration date
    10.               Enter
    11.               Press Enter bypass Transaction id #’s prompt
    12.               Enter Approval #’s (6 digits)      I.e   if approval #12345A (enter 12345 press 2 then Alpha key once it will changes to letter A
    13.               Enter

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