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    What Terminals integrate with the Paya Connect platform?


    Paya Connect


    Paya Connect offers cloud-based integration to EVM certified terminals, below is the current list of solutions that work over IP with the Paya connect integration.


    Model Additional Resources 
    Ingenico Portable Handheld Solutions 
    iSMPiSMP Datasheet

    Ingenico Base Desktop Solutions 

    iPP320iPP320 Datasheet.pdf
    iPP350iPP350 Datasheet.pdf

    Ingenico Base Wireless Solutions
    iWL250 (Bluetooth)
    iWL Series Datasheet
    iWL258 (WiFi)

    Ingenico Base Signature Capture Solutions
    iSC Touch 250iSC touch 250 Datasheet
    iSC Touch 480iSC touch 480 Datasheet

    Ingenico TETRA Lane Series
    Lane 3000Lane 3000 Datasheet
    Lane 5000Lane 5000 Datasheet
    Lane 7000Lane 7000 Datasheet
    Lane 8000Lane 8000 Datasheet

    Ingenico TETRA Desk Series
    Desk 3500Desk 3500 Datasheet
    Desk 5000Desk 5000 Datasheet

    Ingenico TETRA Move Series

    Move 3500Move 3500 Datasheet
    Move 5000Move 5000 Datasheet

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