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    Description of Sage Exchange Desktop and Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop


    What are the Sage Exchange Desktop and Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop?


    Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) and Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop (SEVD) are payment applications that are utilized by other software products to securely process credit card transactions and return secured/masked data back to the originating software product. SED and SEVD are designed to integrate with existing Sage North America software products and third-party solutions. Integration to Sage Exchange is available for both distributed (installed) as well as web-based applications.

    SED and SEVD Functions:

    There are 2 different integration options and both solutions are hosted by Paya.

    1. Sage Exchange Virtual Desktop - Provides a web interface for non-Windows-based applications, web-based, applications, and situations that prohibit the installation of the Sage Exchange Desktop.
    2. Sage Exchange Desktop -This is a Microsoft Windows-based application created by Paya that must be installed per user on each workstation where you want to process payments.
    • These integration options make use of the existing SPS Gateway for processing credit/debit (pin debit is only available for Canadian merchant) and ACH/Check transactions.
    • Different O/S, languages (English, Spanish, and French)
    • UI (User Interface) and non-UI transactions
    • Vault capability
    • Sale, AuthOnly, Capture, Void, Force, Credit, and Credit by Reference
    • Retail swipe (only supports our card reader)
    • Level II transactions
    • Level III transactions
    • Recurring
    • Batch Settlement
    • Postback
    • Polling

    Click here for a current list of Sage software that integrates with Sage Exchange Desktop.


    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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