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    I can't update to the latest version of Sage Exchange (Fix for SED


    Sage Exchange Desktop


    In some cases, the Sage Exchange Desktop (SED) update will not completely install without proper administration privileges for each desktop installation.   A workaround will allow access to the most current version of SED.  


    1. Download the attached file 
    2. Open the following:
      1. C:> Program Files (x86) > Sage Payment Solutions > Application Deployment > Applications > 26A46608D5AA4BF6BA5D5EEA1376D09A >
        Note: If you do not have this folder path you will have to reach out to your System Administrator to have them complete the installation.  
    3. In the "26A46608D5AA4BF6BA5D5EEA1376D09A" folder you will find previous software versions; drag the extracted file from the attached file.  
    4. Once you have placed file into the referenced file above. Go to the System Tray and exit the SED application by right-clicking on the SED icon and clicking exit.  
    5. Finally, open the folder for, and find the SageExchange application right-click and Run as Administrator. 
      1. Note: You may be required to enter Administrator credentials. 

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

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