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    Originator ID Change FAQ

    Q: Why do I need to take action? 

    A: It's important that you take action to prevent any delays in funding or reject fees. Many accounts have a security feature set up to only allow ACH transactions to be processed from an approved list of company Originator IDs. If you have this security feature on your account, then you need to add our new company Originator IDs to the list.

    Q: What do I communicate to my customers?

    A: Please use the ACH Customer Template to share this message with your customers.


    Q: How do I know if I need to take action?

    A: It is common for bank accounts to have security filters added to prevent unrecognized transactions from their bank account. If you are not sure whether or not you have these filters on your bank account, please contact your bank to confirm. Its important that you take action to prevent any delays in funding or rejection fees.


    Q: What happens if I do not update my account with these new Originator IDs?

    A: If you do not take action, you may experience a delay in funding. You will also incur rejection fees for any transactions that reject due to not updating the originator ID.

    Q: Why do I have to communicate this message to my customers?

    A: Consumers also may have security filters added to their accounts. If your customer does not update their bank account to add these new Originator IDs, ACH transactions will reject. Your business could incur a loss of future payments if they do not take action.

    Q: Do I need to communicate this message to all of my customers?

    A: Yes. You have no way of knowing if your customers have these security filters on their accounts, so it is best to let all of your customers know about this change to avoid future rejections when processing  ACH transactions.

    Q: I already had one Originator ID on my account for Paya. Why am I being asked to add three additional Originator IDs?

    A: Each Originator ID represents a different Paya account, for redundancy and a few minor variations in transactional activity. The difference between the four Originator IDs is negligible and the specific Originator ID used on any transaction has no impact on your business.

    Q: How will my customer know if an ACH payment is from my business?

    A: The descriptor on your customers' statement will continue to display your business name along with one of our Originator IDs. 


    If you have questions or require additional assistance, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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