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    How to turn off the Bankcard Order Confirmation E-mails for Virtual Terminal Transactions

    Bankcard Order Confirmation emails for Virtual Terminal transactions


    Why am I receiving a copy of an order confirmation email for a Virtual Terminal transaction?


    There is a setting in the Paya Virtual Terminal labeled "One Time Transactions", which will generate an e-mail on all approved transactions to the main contact e-mail address listed on your Merchant Account.

    There are 2 options to turn these notifications off:

    1. In the Virtual Terminal go to Configuration
    2. Select Email Notifications
    3. Select General Email Settings
    4. Uncheck One-Time Credit Card and/or Virtual Check Transactions
    5. Scroll down and select Update
      *By turning this feature off, you will not only prevent the emails from being sent to you but your customers as well. 

    If you would like the emails to only go out to your customers and not send you a copy,

    1. In the Virtual Terminal go to Configuration
    2. Select Credit Card Order Confirmation
    3. In the CC: field, you can enter either an alternate e-mail address

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