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    Storing Credit Card Information in the Sage50 CA Vault


    Sage50 - Canadian Edition

    Sage Exchange Desktop


    Sage50 CA, in its 2016.1 release and up, allows merchants to save cardholders Credit Card data for later use. The data is securely stored on the Paya secured server and not directly in the Sage50 Software itself. The steps below show you how to store such information:


    For the purpose of this article, we would assume that you've already created a customer profile for which you'd like to save the Credit Card data.

    1. From within your copy of Sage 50, click on the arrow down beside "Customers" to display additional menus. Click on "View Customers" to open the "Customers" Window.
    2. Select the Customer you wish to work with, by double-clicking the corresponding line item.

      Choose whether you wish to save your changes from the pop-up window shown below:
    3. From the 'Customer Records" Window, make sure that you are under the "Credit Card" Tab. Next, you will enable the Vault by checking the corresponding box as shown below. Then, you will proceed to adding the Credit Card by clicking on "Add New..."
    4. Name the Credit Card in the new dialog box, and click OK.

      Note: The "Credit Card Name" field from step 3 above will now show the name you assigned. Also, you may notice the "Add Credit Card Information" is now clickable, as shown in the next screenshot.
    5. Click on "Add Credit Card Information" to launch the Sage Exchange Desktop interface, where you will be inputting details about the Card.
    6. Type the Credit Card Number; select the expiration month and year; and click submit to Save the Card in the Vault.

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