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    Error: Billing Address and Zip Code do not match for a Manually Entered Credit Card Transaction


    Virtual Terminal
    Sage Payment Center
    Sage Exchange


    I entered a sale and the address verification response says the street address and zip code do not match. Can I settle this transaction for payment?


    In the Virtual Terminal or Sage Exchange, if you do not have the Risk Control settings enabled, an authorized sale can be settled for payment with a mismatched AVS response. However, you may be subject to higher fees to process this transaction.

    If you are utilizing the Risk Control settings, the transaction may be declined due to the AVS response. If the transaction received an approval code but has a status of "Error/Declined" you may be able to settle the transaction. You will need to process a Force Transaction in order to settle the transaction in this scenario. Here are related articles regarding Processing a Force transaction:

    How to process a Force transaction in the Virtual Terminal 

    How to process a Force transaction in Sage Exchange 

    Note: We recommend the transaction is reversed or voided and authorized again with correct address information. This additional step will help protect you should a Chargeback issue arise.

    You may also be interested in reading more about AVS & CVV Response Codes

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