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    Virtual Check Description of Originator IDs

    Description of Originator IDs


    What is an Originator ID, and which should I use?


    An Originator ID, or OID, is a numeric value used by the ACH network to identify the origin of a transaction. There are three major types of OID: PPD, CCD, and WEB. Each type is then sub-divided into two: Written and Non-Written.

    • PPD: (Prearranged Payment or Deposit) -- a transaction by an organization to a consumer account.
    • CCD: (Cash Concentration or Disbursement) -- a business-to-business transaction.
    • WEB: (Web-Initiated Entry) -- an electronic authorization through the Internet to create an ACH entry.
    • The Written option should be used when you and your customer have a signed contract that authorizes the withdrawal from their bank account. Please note that a voided check or signed receipt does not constitute a written contract.
    • The Non-Written option should be used in all other cases; i.e., when you do not have a written contract between you and your customer.

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