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    Error: “FEP IMPORT ERROR/FAILURE” or "ACH IMPORT ERROR/FAILURE" email notification

    How to resolve “FEP IMPORT ERROR/FAILURE” or "ACH IMPORT ERROR/FAILURE" email notification


    Why did I receive an “FEP IMPORT ERROR FAILURE” or ACH IMPORT ERROR FAILURE quot  email notification and how do I resolve the issue?


    When your Virtual Check batch is settled it creates an FEP file.  This file is then validated, and processed.  If the process or validation fails you will receive an “FEP Import Error/Failure” or “ACH Import Error/Failure via email.  This particular failure did not pass the file validation.  This is normally due to invalid formatting, invalid characters in the transaction record, or your Virtual Check account is no longer active.  Before resubmitting the file, please check for any possible invalid characters like +, %, *.  If the transactions are coming from an ecommerce site or a 3rd party integration you will need to pull a customer data log in order to verify/validate the transaction record.

    Below is an example of an FEP file that contains invalid characters:

    XX   File Comment                                                                                  
    FH   200801190011Z1234567890                    Merchant Business Name                            
    HT   TID1323289     111111111DDA1234567890   20080119D     100.00Customer%2B%2526%2BName     Tran ID
    TS     1.00       100.00  1.00       100.00  0.00         0.00                                    
    XX   File Comment                                                                                  

    Resolution for a FEP/ACH File upload due to invalid characters: The characters between Customer and Name (%2B%2526%2B) will cause the Virtual Check batch (FEP or ACH file) to error when the batch is settled. Remove the special character(s) before resubmitting the file.

    Resolution for a FEP/ACH File Failure on a web service or API integration: The transaction record with the customer name “Customer%2B%2526%2BName” (The customer name was originally processed as Customer & Name) will be translated to the gateway as “Customer +%26+Name” and will cause the batch to error.  However, if you process a web service call with “Customer +%26+Name” the customer will be displayed as “Customer & Name” and will not cause an error.  Please make sure that form or string is passing and translating the proper values.

    Resolution for a FEP/ACH File Failure due to an "Inactive Originator": The uploaded FEP or ACH file does not have the Originator enabled or you do not have the Virtual Check Service enabled or approved for your account.  If you have been approved for Virtual Check please submit a ticket to have our Technical Support Reps enable the Originator.  If you are not approved for Virtual Check please contact your sales rep to apply for the service.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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