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    Error 920001 Credit Vol(ume) Exceeded


    What does error code 920001 "Credit Vol(ume) Exceeded" mean? I am unable to issue a credit/refund.


    The error code 920001 "Credit Vol(ume) Exceeded" error is returned when an attempt to refund a credit card does not pass Paya's Credit Volume Check feature. This feature exists to limit the occurrence of excessive or unintentional refunds by declining any refund attempts that do not meet the following criteria: 

    1. The refund is not offset by a charge (or charges) of equal or greater value.
    2. The refund is offset by a charge of equal or greater value, but the offsetting charge(s):
      • was processed through a different terminal, gateway, or merchant account.
      • has not been settled.
      • was charged to a different credit card.
    3. The total volume of credits in the last 6 months is greater than the total volume of charges on the same card.

    Our Support team can assist with bypassing the Credit Volume Check when necessary.

    If you have questions or require additional information, please submit a ticket and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

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